home evc electric vehicle charging

Electric Vehicle Charging points

for your home

The fast and safe way to charge your electric car evc at home.  Charging your car at home saves you time and money as well as giving you peace of mind.  An AW Fire Safety company.

home evc electric vehicle charging

We are the leading installer of modern electric vehicle, evc, ev charging systems for the home

  • The Ultimate Charging Point

    The Ultimate Charging Point

    From Home-EVC

What advantages will you get using an electric car?

  • 01

    High quality

    All EVC installations use the highest quality electric charging equipment.
  • 02

    Recoverable energy

    Renewable energy, ranging from your own solar panels to timing your charge for the greenest power.
  • 03

    Smart connected

    Use your smartphone to monitor the electric charging for peace of mind.
home evc electric car charging
  • 04

    Quick installation

    Our installers will complete all vehicle charging projects on time and to suit you.
  • 05

    Free Support

    at Home-EVC we can offer free advice and support where needed.
  • 06

    Access control

    Security for you and family, allowing only authorised car charging to take place.
Our EV charging technology

Works with all electric car manufacturers


Save ££££'s

Daily saving money on fuel

One of the biggest day to day savings is the cost of fuel. A 2018 study from the University of Michigan found that electric vehicles cost less than half as much to operate as petrol powered cars.

UK ban

As soon as 2030

The UK is set to ban the sale of all conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans as early as 2030. The sales ban is part of a wider move to tackle air quality in the UK.

OLEV Grant


The electric vehicle chargers we install are approved under the office for low emission vehicle government grant scheme. Which means our customers can benefit from 75% off the cost of the equipment and installation up to a maximum of £500. The OLEV Grant, also known as Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, can be claimed for each eligible vehicle up to two charging points per household.

The criteria you must meet in order to claim the OLEV grant:

  • You own an electric vehicle, have ordered an electric vehicle or have an electric vehicle leased or company car
  • You acquired the vehicle after October 2016
  • You intend to keep the vehicle for 6 months or longer from date you took ownership
  • Your property has off road parking such as a driveway or garage where you can park and charge vehicle?
  • Your installation date is less than 4 months ahead of the date of the delivery or start date of the vehicle’s use. If not then you need to contact OLEV requesting permission.

If you meet all of the criteria above you should be eligible to claim the grant.

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Home-EVC's mission:

To make the world a cleaner place and save natural resources

electric car charging at home

Professional car charging points installed by Home-EVC

We offer a wide range of electric car charging units from quality manufacturers. All the vehicle chargers we supply are reliable, and competitively priced. All evc’s  come covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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